Goals for the year – 2017

Since active seasons in Florida are October – April, I decided I should set my goals accordingly. I reached my 2016 goal in February simply because that was when my races were. So, my top 3 fitness goals are:

  1. Complete the 6 month plan in The New Rules of Lifting for Women

Yea, My plan was to start this yesterday but my dental appointment nixed that one . So, I’ll be starting this today.

2. Run a 2:45 half marathon

St. Pete run fest in November is my current goal race!

This is one that I have been chasing for over 5 years. My half marathon PR is from 2011 and it was a 2:48. I came so close in February but a headwind killed that. I’ll be spending the summer training and getting stronger to hopefully hit this goal by the end of the year/beginning of 2018. This is going to take actual planning and stuff! My goal race is the St. Pete Run Fest in November! Super excited about this inaugural race (and goal race). You should join me!!

3. Stick to eating less sugar

Blueberry picking

Ok, we’ve been trying to go sugar free but it is crazy impossible! The hubby and I have decided to go low-sugar, low-carb, less crazy! This means more natural goodies and less processed. It has been an interesting but enlightening experience the past three weeks! Hopefully, I will be able to say we are still sticking to this in 6 months (or more).

Here’s to sticking to focusing and striving towards these 3 goals. Thanking for joining me virtually!

End of season

Florida pretty much has the reverse seasons of most other states. While my friends up North are gearing up to begin their running/triathlon season mine is just ending. As the temperatures climb, and worse the humidity climbs, our outdoor activities decrease.

Now that I have reached my goals of this running season, getting faster in my running, it is time to look at the rest of my goals. Refine, retool, and reconsider what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

And ya know what, I have no idea. This summer I’m going to work on improving my 5K times but I really have to start strength training and I’m dreading it.

I’m also considering a blog change up. I’m not doing much in the realm of triathlon these days and it just doesn’t feel right anymore.

I also have some pretty lofty work goals that I’m not sure how to prioritize. As you can probably tell I’m a little all over the place. Which I guess is a great time for some real introspection (that’s the word I want, right?).

Anywho, time for some coffee and deep thinking? Orrr maybe just some eggs!

Chasing that PR

I think almost ever runner has that goal they are chasing. For most it is getting faster, can’t say I stray far from the average. When I first started running 6 years ago it was to try to get active. I met some awesome people and running became the norm for me.

All of my best running times, or PR’s if you are in the know, happened in 2011 & 2012. Or if you are counting 5 years ago. This happens to lots of runners. They start running and everything looks awesome and you get faster the more you run. Then, like most, I plateaued. My times started to be around the same. At this point, I could have put in the extra work and kicked it into gear, or I could rest on that speed and be cool with it. Like my running friends at the time we were cool with the later and basically maintained our speeds.

Now, fast forward to 2015. Jon and I move to Florida and our running picks up. Sadly, so does the heat! However, and if you’ve been reading my stuff, I took a big long running break. I think, ok I know, I was burned out. Combine the heat and a year long break and you get a lot of frustration. Who knew if you stopped running you couldn’t just pickup where you left off? My frustration was HIGH! I decided to focus on my weight loss and just make running something that helped with that INSTEAD of the goal. A year later and I am down almost 25lbs and can focus on both the weight loss AND the running.

I knew I was getting faster in my training runs, but I hadn’t had the chance to race. Gasparilla half I had a PR in my sights. If I could hold on I would break my 1 and only half marathon PR by a minute and a half. 4 miles of super awesome headwinds killed that dream! However, I realized that my 10 mile time during that race was pretty good. I hit mile 10 in 2:09:04. That was a little over a 1 minute PR for me. I knew I had the Excalibur 10 miler coming up and I made that my goal race.

So, what did I do? I took basically a 2 week break. I was traveling for work and we had house guests for a week. Perfect plan for hitting a goal right!! Soooo, I started the race with the hopes of beating my usual 10 miler time of 2:18:00. Back when I was running a bunch that was always my number. The year before at this race I ran a 2:25:00 (bleck) so I knew I could beat that!

At mile 7.5 of the course I started doing the math. If I could maintain at least a 15 minute mile for the next 2 miles I would finish in 2:15:00 and that was good enough for me! Then I hit mile 9 and I knew it was there! I knew I could finish 1 mile in under 15 minutes! I crossed the finish line in 2:08:53 a 3(ish) minute PR and a 17 minute course PR! I actually started to cry.

Do you ever just need the win? Need to see that your hard work is paying off? That you can actually catch the goal? I’ll have a race recap later this week but I am just so excited to hit a goal I feel like I’ve been working towards for years! Now to make plans for the next goals!

What is everyone else shooting for??

Planning 2017


So, my 2017 planner arrived last week. Yes, I still use a paper planner. I started using it again a after reading Lee Cockerell’s book Time Management Magic . I’m such a procrastinator that I needed a new system. He highly recommends paper planners in addition to your phone one. I switched to this (Startplanner) one because it has a built in to-do list and lots of them to help organize.

I feel like my entire life is always next year. I’m currently scheduling events for 2017 for work. I’m currently planning my 2017 race calendar. I’m currently waiting on event dates for friends weddings/life events/showers/etc so I can plan things around them.

I feel like I’m always getting ahead of myself but that’s my job! I guess in a way that’s also life. Now I start planning out 2017 goals, hopeful achievements, and measurements of success. In a way it is kind of depressing. What didn’t you accomplish in the previous year. What do you want out of things? Why is nothing coming to mind? Why do I not have some overwhelming obstacle that I need to overcome? Why am I being whiny?

I guess I just can’t believe we are at the end of another year already. SO talk with me! What are your goals for 2017? What are you already planning?

Back on the horse


I guess that works. Maybe I should say back on the bike? My 12 week training plan for Lycra and Lace starts next Tuesday. I haven’t had a real training plan in months so I’m looking forward to a little structure. After marathon training I was kinda burned out. I was hating my job and just tired. So, I stopped training for anything specific and just started working out. Mainly, Orange Theory 3x a week. I love it. However, I’ve finally got my running/triathlon mojo back!

I credit Orange Theory for this (and carb cycling) because I’m done about 12lbs and I’m feeling strong. Now I want to incorporate the sports I love back into things. I’m still dealing with some stomach worries but I’m working on listening to my body. At doctors orders I’m slowing working things back into my diet to rule out any food allergies or anything like that (super fun here kids). Since my In-laws were here for the week we moved and my parents were here all last week I threw my diet to the wind and enjoyed showing them some awesome Tampa food stops (and discovered a few) and just enjoyed myself. No weight change (woot woot)! Now, that I am done entertaining and being the hostess with the mostest it is time to get things back on track. I’m going to try the carb cycling again because I think it works well for me but I’m going to try doing it with some meat-free options in addition to the turkey/chicken. I’m also cutting WAY back on the eggs but not cutting them out. Apparently, eggs can seriously mess with your gallbladder (who knew).

I’ve started using my Passion Planner (more on that soon) and I love it! I was a little lost with goals and such and it has helped me. Like my 2016 goal of finally completing a 70.3! I’ve started working with Tri Equal (more on that later) and things are just getting back to where they should be! FINALLY!


I have goals?



That image says it all for me. Goals pointing all over the place. 6 years ago I was reading a magazine and saw an ad for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I was jazzed. I had a huge goal, a training plan, and people to push me!

Fast-forward and I’ve realized that I have no real goal right now. I’m trying to figure out what’s next. Usually, the next step is to get faster. I’d love to be a faster runner and I’m trying but to be honest, its freaking hard! It is also very solo. When you are reaching toward a larger distance there are people to push you and cheer you on. You are like “holy crap I’m doing a half marathon or a marathon or a triathlon”. When you want to get faster you aren’t really like “I’m currently working on getting from a 13 minute mile to an 11 minute mile”.

No one cheers that on! Ok, other runners cheer that one but it isn’t something you normally post. Like “woohoo! I just did a sub-13 minute mile today” people are like aren’t you supposed to run under 10 minutes? And Who’s Meb? And all that jazz.

So what are everyone else’s goals this year? I’d love some ideas, I’d like to find some new motivation! Whatcha got out there cyber world??


Deadlines on goals are important


Oh man, thanks Cynthia, for the reminder! In this world of instant gratification it can be easy to forget about the long term in exchange for the “right now”! However, it is important to set mini goals and see yourself either succeeding or failing so you can know what to adjust! If you’ve been following me, and I’ve seen an uptick in views, then you know I’ve been working towards some goals. Find a new job, lose weight, etc etc. I figured now was a good a time as any to check in with those things.

  • New job – CHECK!! The boy and I like to pick dates for accomplishments. When things started going downhill we picked a date. I needed to find a job by XX. Our date was Friday, April 11. Exactly 1 week after my big event! Why do we do this? Because having a date makes you work for it. We also make sure to have a condition attached to this! There has to be a threat to your failure in order to make it worthwhile! And it worked! I turned in my notice, with a new job, on Thursday, April 10 (1 day before my deadline)!!


  • Lose Weight – ongoing! My goal in 2016 is to lose 40 pounds! This will put me into a much healthier weight! However, I like to break it up into mini goals. Once I switched to the new trainer the goal was 15lbs by May 1 or roughly 1.5lbs a week! Totally doable!! I am currently sitting at 13.5lbs down with 1.5 weeks to go!!


  • Rekindle love of running – starting! I signed up for races!! And I’m actually excited about them. It has been a long time since I’ve said that. My current goal is to start at the beginning and get a faster 5K time. Goal race – Independence Day 5K on July 4!! I’m signing up for race again for fun! I even signed up for 2017 Disney Half Marathon which I’m jazzed about!


  • Find a way to enjoy exercising – Hello, Orange Theory! – My problem is that I am lazy. I say this because once I’m in the house the call of the PJs sings to me their sweet sweet comfy song! I’m starting to think I have a distain for pants. Not in a “I want to walk around in public without pants” kinda way but in a “I hate picking out pants or outfits” kinda way. Sorry, way off topic there! Anyway, I got a buddy and now I drag myself out of the house at 7:30pm 3x a week to do my workouts! I feel great, I don’t have the guilt, and my waistline thanks me!


What are some of your goals with deadlines? What is everyone else working towards? Yes, I’m blatantly using this as a way to see what everyone else is doing!

Big Goals equals Big Changes

I turned on Freeform yesterday while I was cleaning cause I’m actually 12 even though my birth certificate says I’m 30. I was happy to see Mean Girl was on cause A. Who doesn’t love that movie and B. I could watch it in the background of getting stuff done. 

Then Regina kept saying something that rang true:

Yep, I am 3 pounds away from my first goal of losing 10lbs. Isn’t that always the way? I mean I’m working my tail off and still I’m 3 lbs always from Goal 1! 

I have changed things up a bit. My previous trainer just wasn’t working (or challenging) me and I’ve got goals! My new one is awesome BTW. 

So as I sit here eating my pre-workout meal of gruel (protein powder,water, rice cakes) I remember that I have big goals which means I have to make big changes! 

Here’s hoping that next weeks post I will only be 1lb away from my goal! 

February Goals

I always have this tendency to make yearly lofty goals and then totally forget about them by March. Then all of a sudden it is July and I’m like “Didn’t I have a plan to do this?” I’m going to see if I plot out monthly goals here, where I have to be accountable, if that makes a difference.

February Goals.jpg

Read a book – I keep getting books I want to read and reading maybe 1-2 chapters and then get involved in something else. I really want to finish some of these books. I’ve got 2 with me for my cruise so hopefully I can bust it out.

Complete all workouts – sadly, I am so bad about doing every workout. Then I’m surprised as hell that things aren’t working. This past week I had 6 workouts. I completed 4. I don’t have kids or any major responsibilities besides work so there is really no excuse for this!

Morning workout lady – I want to become one of those people who can get up in the morning and fit in their workout. When I get back from the cruise this is going to be a goal. I want to become a morning workout person.

Mop – Yea, that’s a weird household goal. When we moved to Florida we learned that they really don’t have carpet in houses. Our whole house is now tile flooring. I need to actually mop this crap, and maybe vacuum.

I think 4 goals are good for now. I like the idea of breaking things down month-to-month instead of yearly. Small, attainable goals are a good thing!

What are everyone else’s goals this month?




I don’t know if it is the pending holidays or the marathon training that has me thinking about goals and decisions for 2016. My beginning of the year goals have been pretty similar the last few years. Lose weight, run faster, organize my crap, etc etc. So far, I’ve been pretty unsuccessful at these goals year after year.

Thanks to all these marathon long runs I’ve had the opportunity to really think about things. Why have I been doing things, signing up for races, buying new things. Then it hit me! I’ve been giving myself too many goals that I haven’t been able to obtain.

Now, this year I did get a little bit faster this year but not really as fast as I was 4 years ago. The weight is actually higher than it has ever been and well none of my stuff is organized.

This is where the too many tracks come in. “I’m going to get faster and run a marathon.” “Hey, how about I sign up for a triathlon!” “I’m totally going to lose 40 pounds this year cause of the marathon and the triathlon” and these things NEVER work and then I get frustrated cause I’ve completed things but never made any improvements.

I’ve begun the choices now to have one goal for 2016 and stick to it. I’ve had a long talk with the hubby and plotted things out. I have a plan and the help to make it happen and this will be the year!

Have you started thinking about your goals for the new year yet??